SocrateRM, in cloud Lean Resource Management solution, has landed

We are thrilled to announce the launch of SocrateRM, our Lean Resource Management solution to which we have been dedicating our passion and energy for almost 2 years.
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Ioana Boie
November 6, 2020
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As a software development company, we have to manage different types of projects (consulting, implementation, software development, support) and we are constantly working with multiple resources on multiple projects at the same time.

We have truly embraced the lean management philosophy and reducing the waste by optimally allocating our resources is a permanent priority for us. As we work in a dynamic environment in which the customers’ needs are continuously changing, keeping our teams fully allocated used to be a real challenge. We have been struggling to have the right resources available just in time and we have tried in our past 30 years of history different tools for project management and task management. We have dreamed about a tool to help us achieve this goal and to be used flawless by our colleagues in all departments.

We were also trying to save our teams’ precious time, helping them to track their efforts and expenses as easy as possible. We wanted to eliminate the micro-management and the cost it brings.

Focusing on continuous improvement, we were looking for a solution to assist us in analysing our projects and resources performance in real-time. We needed to reduce the time spent for controlling the business and processes, and for generating reports and gathering necessary data from various different sources.

We could not find the right tool to meet our needs. 

And thus, SocrateRM was born. Powerful. Intuitive. The solution we were searching for to help our dynamic team reach outstanding performance. In a Lean way. For a Wise organization.

If you are experiencing the same struggles as we did, we are confident that our solution will be your answer as well. Contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact us to find out more about how SocrateRM, our in cloud Lean Resource Management solution, can help you maximize your projects’ performance.

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