How SocrateRM can help IT companies in Professional Services maximize their performance

In a business environment that is continuously changing, in a rhythm accelerated by the actual context, the need to adapt is more critical than ever.
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Ioana Boie
February 22, 2021
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For IT companies offering implementation and consultancy services, it is a must to satisfy their customers’ needs, as they occur; to be there for their customers, to provide them the best solutions, and to do it on time; all these, while keeping their company profitable as well.

The most difficult part in accomplishing this is to have the right resources available just-in-time for the current projects’ needs, when your team is constantly working on multiple projects at the same time.

Here, SocrateRM can help. It is the perfect tool for optimizing your team’s efficiency, helping your organization reduce the waste time through optimal allocation. You will keep your resources fully allocated, avoid burn-out and under utilization. You will use your team to its full capacity.

With SocrateRM you can maximize your projects’ profitability, viewing the project budget consumption in real time and managing the resources according to evolution and needs, to meet the deadline and budget. You can immediately predict any potential project delay or costs drift in order to be able to react faster.

To be competitive, you need to continuously improve your processes and your people and to learn from the experience. You need to be able to measure your results. SocrateRM assists you in making informed decisions, providing real time reporting and analysis. With SocrateRM you will measure your projects’ and resources’ performance. You will see at a glance the projects’ status. You will spend less time controlling through smart notifications. You will be able to apply plan-do-check-act thinking to your business.

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