Lean Resource Management

for Dynamic Teams and Outstanding Performance

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Our solutions are trusted by more than 300 customers.

Lean. Powerful. Intuitive.

Resource management solution offering end-to-end visibility and projects performance.

In Cloud.

With SocrateRM you can track the entire project from the kick-off to invoicing. Share and use the resources in the most efficient and productive way. Stay profitable by delivering the best quality.

Optimise your resources allocation
Deliver quality projects.
On time
Maximize your projects’ profitability
Transparency. Visibility. Efficient communication

Reduce the waste time through optimal allocation.
Both from resource and project perspectives.

Keep your resources fully allocated. Avoid burn-out and under utilization. Use your team to its full capacity.

Keep your projects on track, even when the project timelines change. Choose the best fit for the current project needs even if the resources split their time between multiple simultaneous projects.
By using one resource pool shared across the entire company on one shared calendar, you can assign/re-assign resources in accordance to their availability. And to their skills. You will always find the perfect match.

Effortless Timesheets & Expenses Reports

No micro-management.
Your team will save precious time with the tracking of their effort and expenses.

The timesheets are prefilled with the allocated hours on projects and can be easily adjusted where needed. Working on tasks is a piece of cake.

Real-time reporting and analysis for continuous improvement

Centralised view to see at a glance the projects status.
Less time spent for controlling through smart notifications.

View your budget consumption in real time and manage the resources according to evolution and needs, to meet the deadline and budget.
See at any moment the time spent on projects and phases. Predict immediately any potential project delay or costs drift in order to be able to react faster.

Efficient communication
Transparency & Visibility

Project status, invoicing, meeting minutes, documents. Accessible to all people involved, according to their role. All project related information in a single place.

Accurate Project
Financial Planning

From the amount to be invoiced to your customers, the planned days to be spent and the additional expenses to the project margin and the invoicing schedule. Plan all the project details to maximize financial returns by keeping track of the budgets.

Overall Resources Budgeting

Establish your resources yearly budget and split it on projects, keeping your organization effectiveness (OHE) safe.
Allocate your resources according to the planned budget and follow in real time the actual budget consumption. Keep your resources profitable.

Tailored experience
according to each user role

Stakeholders, resource managers, project managers, team members, or customers, each of them play a different role in the organization and have different access rights.
Each user can access the amount of information and functionality needed to fulfill their mission.

Real-time Notifications.
Emails and in-app

Be instantly notified when a resource requested days off, when your projects are about to expire or when a task has been fulfilled. Receive complete overviews of your team allocation for the following week, to be sure that all your resources are fully allocated. And more.

Basic Task Management

Plan and manage your project tasks. Assign them to your team members so they always know what to do. Allow your team members to define their own tasks and to easily fill-in the percentage done on each of them, to report their status.

Open platform. 

Open API that can be integrated through connectors with other software applications or ERPs.
Built-in connector with SocrateERP for
project invoicing, expenses, timesheets.

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Today, BITSoftware is a company with an innovative business solutions portfolio, over 300 customers, medium and large companies, Romanian and international, and it is present in more than 70 countries.

We started in 1994 developing one of the first integrated management software systems in Romania (SocrateERP) and grew up with the first customers who believed in us. We implemented the Socrate solution in the years that followed in dozens of retail, distribution and production companies. Passionate about technology, software and economics, we have always sought to improve, and we have continually developed and grown people, products, and services.

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